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1. RE: Unit VIII Discussion Board QuestionCOLLAPSE

Hello and Goodbye fellow classmates and professor!

It’s hard for me to choose one skill considering I’m taking away multiple from this course. One skill that I’m taking way that increases my success in my career in a real-world scenario are appropriate was to approach those asking for my technological skills to perform something for them on the side. In my career I will be confronted by indivduals that need me to unlock a device, locate secured information, or wipe a device. This being said I now can use my new skills to approach this situation while obeying all legal implications. This increases my success because it shows I will use my knowledge the correct way in my field and only to do good.

Have a wonderful week and best wishes

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2.  I will apply this class to my career and hopefully if I get back on the school board in my district. I will try to use all of this info to help me better myself as a school board member, to make me a better board member.  I think that there is a lot of valuable info from this class that will make me better and allow me to provide better service to my community while being on the board. I feel that as a school board memeber it is inherent to be the best you can be and provide the best service for the school. I have learned a lot throughout this course and will use it to my best ability to to help me succeed in being a great school board member. I will possibly use it as a promote in the fire service and hope that it can help me progress through the ranks. There was a lot of things that I still need to learn and things that I learned in here that I didn’t know. I will be honest I hope that I learned enough to pass the final exam, I think I had great work and researched everything that I could. I really think that I can use all of this knowledge to keep both my fire career and school board career going and give the best service I can give. I want to suceed and make our school a better palace for the students, parents and teachers. I really think that it will all help me do exactly what I am hoping for. Thank you for being an instructor for this class.

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