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1. Scenario: You are working a very disturbing case involving an individual who committed numerous heinous crimes against individuals. You have seen the individual’s disturbing images and videos while procuring forensic evidence from the perpetrator’s cell phone and the abundance of digital evidence stored on external drives and a home computer.You were given the evidence after your predecessor was removed for not following the correct chain-of-custody procedures as outlined in the department’s standard operating procedures when gathering digital evidence.While preparing the evidence for court, you find several irregularities in the way the evidence was secured for analysis. First, there was no write blocker installed that would allow investigators to examine the data without risk of altering it.You find still more irregularities that could make the digital evidence inadmissible in court. Without the proper steps taken in the chain of custody, the court may find the evidence cannot be trusted.Do you attempt to help convict this individual by going back and falsifying the chain of custody or do you allow justice to take its course? Why did you choose this option?

2. Please reply to this response about question 1

People throw the saying around “I’d rather let 10 guilty people go free than send one innocent person to jail.” I would not say I believe in this literally, but the idea is to stress integrity of the process. In this case, we have many good reasons to believe this person is not innocent, but, history cannot be re-written, and it is not our place to try. The chain of custody was not followed, but, there are other ways to preserve the information in the findings. If there is time to execute another warrent, I would try to find another device that links these images and videos to the suspect. Falsifying the chain of custody documents opens the door for the defense to argue that they are being framed.

3. InstructionsIn

For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation about accepted documentation procedures used in digital forensics investigation. Your presentation must include the following elements.

  • Explain the accepted documentation procedures used in digital forensics investigation.
  • Discuss why evidence identification and preservation is required.
  • Identify who benefits from digital forensics.
  • Distinguish the types of forensic examinations.
  • Identify some of the tools of the trade used in digital forensics.
  • Explain what forensics examiners look for when conducting an investigation.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least eight slides in length, and you must include speaker notes for each slide that expand on the information on the slide. You are required to use one academic source. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.