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As a team, develop a project charter for the ACME project (please refer to the project scenario posted separately). Apply the guidelines presented in class and through the text. The plan must include the following sections:

2 pages (only) with 2-3 references:

1.      Key Risks – In this section, you will discuss high-level risks.  You will need to come up with perhaps a table outlining the following:

·        Risk Category

·        Degree of Impact (Low, Medium, High)

·        Risk Mitigation for each of the risks identified

2.      Assumptions – Identify any assumptions that are considered to be true for planning purposes

Project scenario attached

As a team, develop a project charter for the ACME project (please refer to the project scenario posted separately). Apply the guidelines presented in class and through the text. The plan must include
Project Management – Case ACME is a large US accounting firm based out of New York (NY) with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, New York, and Los Angles. Your team has been hired as external consultants to help ACME upgrade their existing enterprise accounting system from a legacy version to the most updated version X available in the market and also implement a analytics reporting tool. Budget allocated to your team resources should cover the cost of 1 Senior Project Manager, 3 Senior Project Coordinators, 4 system specialists to work with the internal resources allocated to your project, and 4 IT Infrastructure specialists (expertise in setting up computing server environment for the accounting application to run on). Overall budget for the project is as follows: Budget Item Description Amount One-time Capital Cost (Accounting Application version X + Reporting tool) $3,000,000 One-time hardware infrastructure to support the above (servers, etc.) $700,000 External Project team resources (your team as consultants) $1,500,000 Training & Change Management Expense budget $300,000 Annual application maintenance (Expense) $400,000 Annual hardware infrastructure maintenance (expense) $150,000 Cost of the optional Workforce Management Module $450,000 Cost of the annual maintenance for the optional Workforce Management Module $85,000 Location Staff Size Current Accounting Application Version Vancouver 200 Version 3 Calgary 80 Version 3 Toronto 400 Version 3 Los Angeles 400 Version 2 New York (Head Office) 600 Version 3 Requirement from the ACME include upgrade to the version X of the payroll and tax modules but also add the enterprise analytics reporting tool for their accounting system. Some of the key stakeholders from New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles offices are also pushing for the addition of the Work Force Management (managing personnel) module to the implementation. Each site, has a site manager who can act as your key stakeholder but there are other individuals at each site that you need to continuously collaborate with. Each of the sites have the following departments: Human Resources department, Accounting services internal and external consulting division (account receivable, payroll, audit, and tax), IT service desk and application support services. Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York also have a legal department. Vancouver, Toronto, and New York offices have technical staff who were either involved in the previous upgrade project as subject matter experts or had a similar experience from before. Subject Matter Experts (Internal) Count Office Database Administrator Vancouver (dedicated to your project team) Database Administrator Toronto (dedicated to your project team) Database Administrator New York (dedicated to your project team) Accounting Specialist Each office has 1 accounting specialist but NY has 3 (dedicated to your project team) Tax Specialist Each office has 1 tax specialist but NY has 2. Allocated from Toronto & NY offices to your project team Client side Governance Chief Operating Officer (NY), Executive Sponsor Sr. Director of Operations, Sponsor (Toronto) Project Manager Company: XYZ Your Task Currently the Project Charter is signed and dated May 12, 2020 and you are asked to deliver a fully tested and working solution to your client ACME by June 1st, 2021. One of the challenges is that the Los Angeles office was recently acquired and is running on an even older version of the accounting software than the other offices (version 2). Also the upgrade project needs to ensure involvement from local offices while minimizing impact on their daily operations in particular the tax season from March 1st to May 1st 2022.. The project has a fixed cost, schedule, and scope, and you are to deliver the solution for all sites by August 30th 2022or earlier. This case will be used by all teams from Team Assignment 1 through final presentation of the project progress in Team Assignment 4. Your job is to develop a Project Management Plan, include all the key components as per your previous assignment, scope, purpose, governance, team RASI, project approach (needs to be very specific and not general so don’t copy and paste), detailed milestones (no need for a roadmap and WBS Gantt chart for this assignment so don’t waste your time), opportunities for fast tracking, communications, change management (managing the human side of change), change control, risk management. Best of luck! Page 3 of 3