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At this point I hope that you have had time to look over your original list of scholarly sources related to your literature review, discard some and find new articles that will help you write your paper. In this assignment, to ensure you are on track with the course, please identify 10 to 15 articles that you will cite in your literature review: Provide a list of citations (a reference page) written in flawless APA format. Upload it below. You know longer need to list your Literature Review at the top ( from the information literacy assignment). If you are using it as a source, list it within your sources per APA style.

Rubric Reference Page Reference Page Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome References List 10- 15 scholarly sources from your literature review written in flawless APA format. 40 pts Satisfactory Includes 10-15 scholarly articles cited correctly in APA format. 30 pts Needs Improvement Missing articles and or minor inaccuracies in formatting. 27 pts Unsatisfactory Missing several articles and or several inaccuracies in formatting. 40 pts

Total Points: 40