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Based on the schematic in the Question 1. Modify the circuit to signal amplifier circuit as shown

in Figure 3. Select three Q-point in load line as shown in Figure 2. Use Rb calculated in Table

1. For every point of Q-point selected, simulate the signal amplifier. For example, select Q

point 1, which is at VCE=0.5*VCC= 6V. Put any value of input signal,V2.(let try 1mV). Run the

simulation. Plot and Observe the output voltage at R3 (Let R3 = 10KOhms). Increase the input

signal, V2 until the output at R3 is distorted. Record the maximum input signal and output

voltage at R3. Print the waveform’s input and output. Repeat the same proses for others two Q

point. Conclude where the best Q point for maximum output and explains why.