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Before we start working in small groups, it might help you to know a bit about your personality for working in groups.  Navigate to take a free self-assessment of the 9 team roles at


There are 36 items on the assessment and it will not take long for you to complete it. The results are posted immediately on your screen upon submission.

After you finish the assessment, the results appear in descending order of how you scored the paired words. There are 9 team roles in 3 clusters:

TEAM CLUSTER TEAM ROLE LABELS Action-oriented roles Completer Driver Executive Thinking-oriented roles Innovator Analyst Expert People-oriented roles Team Player Explorer Chairman

Report the top five (5) roles and percentages you scored.

For example:

1) Innovator (17%)

2) Driver (17%)

3) Chairperson (17%)

4) Completer (11%)

5) Team Player (11%)