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Blog Post 3: Ch. 6: Communication & Ch. 7: Athlete Motivation

Chapter 6: Communication

Why is communication so important in our coaching practice? What are strategies you will use to develop your communication skills [HINT: Think about the 7 strategies in the textbook that are about developing your communication skills.]

Chapter 7: Athlete Motivation

Based on reading Chapter 7, how will you help to motivate your athletes? What are strategies you would implement to help in doing so?

Coaching Philosophy

Each student will construct a written coaching philosophy that represents their values and approach to coaching. This statement should be 1-2 pages, double-spaced, and should include personal values and what those look like in relation to coaching behaviors. Before writing the philosophy, please read Chapter 1 and reflect on the content they share that can help in writing your coaching philosophy. Additionally, before writing your statement, please fill out the first page of the worksheet attached to the assignment. There are open-ended questions that students should answer before moving to their coaching philosophy.

Coaching Philosophy Worksheet.pdf