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By using foundational cybersecurity knowledge to analyze a breach, allows professionals to gain a deeper knowledge of how these foundations can help to protect data and systems in the future.

Research a data breach that occurred in the last three years in which personable identifiable information (PII) was released. Write a 1,000-1,250-word report for non-cybersecurity experts making it understandable for them. Address the following using cybersecurity terminology and acronyms:

  • Describe the fundamental concepts of the cybersecurity discipline and use to provide system security.
  • Use your knowledge of the CIA Triad to identify and examine the component in which the attack breached.
  • Explain what steps could be taken to improve the security the event exploited.
  • Identify and examine the attack indicators associated with the data breach.
  • Describe in what way the concepts of the CIA Triad are used to provide security within the system.
  • Add your own triad image and define in percentages how you believe the CIA Triad is emphasized within the organization.

Support your report with 3-5 scholarly resources.