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CH 2: Economic Freedom and Economic Growth Discussion

Discussion about EconomicFreedom and Economic Growth

This discussion is designed to enhance your knowledge of countries around the world. In particular, where they are in terms of economic freedom and economic growth.

STEP 1:Go to the Heritage Foundation website’s Index of Economic Freedom Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom (Links to an external site.). Compare the current list and compare it to the List in your book in Chapter 1

STEP 2: Go to the World Bank website (www.worldbank.org (Links to an external site.)).  Under the tab Data and Research, you want to look at Data by Country.

STEP 3:Choose a country. (Be clever…get out of your comfort zone and look at a country you might not be familiar with)… Then find the following information using both of the above websites.

GDP and GDP per capita and compare this to the U.S.

Where do they fall on the Index of Economic Freedom in the past 2 years and WHY!

Do some research…Are they considered a capitalist country, a command economy or a mixed economy? (think of the characteristics of each)  WHY?

STEP 4: Post the country you researched and your findings.

Then, compare your country with at least 1 other country posted by another student. (DENMARK)NO ONE MAY USE THE SAME COUNTRY!!!!