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Create an excel report with graphs for each question.

  1. Michigan station has 2209 orders to do for customers. Amanda Jones has 3 weeks left to work at the station, she can do 4 orders per day for 5 days. So, 20 orders a week. Create a report showing how many orders she can do for the next 3 weeks of January. Then the remaining orders should be spread out starting from the month of March – October for between 6 people. 6 people should do a total of 13 orders a day from Monday – Friday. Create an excel plan for this.
  2. Allen station has 2259 orders to complete for the year. Create an excel plan/report showing how you will divide this in Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, and Quarter 4. Quarter 1 and Quarter 4 will do 20 orders per week for each quarter. Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 will have the remaining orders divided equally between them.
  3. Lynch station has a total of 2169 orders for the whole year to complete. Create an excel plan/report showing how you can split this between 11 months starting for January 17th. Orders should be done weekly also show the month when a 60% completion rate can be done.