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Discussion Prompt: The Value of Historical Christian TeachingDiscuss the responses of Machen and the Chicago Statement on Inerrancy to defections away from traditional Christianity. Using the course reading and the video lecture material, you will be asked to evaluate and discuss the significance of the points made in arguing for historical Christian teaching.Using the selections from Machen and the Chicago Statement on Inerrancy, summarize some of the key points that are made in defense of traditional Christian belief. Use specific quotations from the materials. Discuss any particular points that seem particularly important for believers today. Connect these points to the history of the Church in the 20th century and state how they apply to your own lives and local church experience. Be sure to fully reflect and thoughtfully discuss all of these elements.

At this point, you should have finished reading the biography you have selected. For your final assignment, you will submit a summary and response paper on this reading. Summarize and highlight major points and insights presented in the book as a whole, as well as assess the significance of such insights for today. This paper should be clearly divided and organized into two distinct sections:Section One:

  • Summarizing the major themes/points that the author is making about the subject. (three to four pages)

Section Two:

  • Responding to reading and noting any significant connections that the individual has to either past or present events in Church history. (one to two pages)

No other sources are required for this paper; however, you should demonstrate a thoughtful interaction with your selected biography. Your paper should be approximately four to six pages in length and writing in APA style, with an introduction, conclusion, and three to four pages of summary and one to two pages of response.

this is 2 parts