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Essay 1 – What is ethics and how does it relate to our criminal justice system

Go to (click on the arrow at the end of the link):  https://ethics.org.au/why-were-here/what-is-ethics/

review the site, read and watch the video on the opening page, then

Go to https://ethics.org.au/ethics-morality-law-whats-the-difference/ read and review the video, then respond: (and, if you like read and watch others at your choosing)

How are these concepts relative to  our criminal justice system?

Remember:  These essays will be written in accordance with the “endnote” guidance provided in your syllabus under “Course Structure and Requirements.” These essays must contain between 700-800 words; be double spaced; utilize 12-point Times New Roman font; have one-inch margins; and contain at least four (4) references. There are NO exceptions to this requirement