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For this assignment there will be single assessed output being an article of length between 600 and

800 words (strict limit) plus references.

The article should be written in a style suitable for The Conversation website

https://theconversation.com and should convey the applicability and benefits of laser processing in

modern manufacturing to the wider public.

You are free to choose the precise title and content of your article, but you must focus on one or more

types of laser processing (e.g. cutting, welding) and explain the benefits of these technologies in a way

which would be meaningful and informative to an audience who do not have a detailed expert

knowledge. The article should, on balance, be positive about laser processing, presenting it as viable

option for future manufacturing. You should however also highlight some of its limitations.

You should provide references to suitable material to support your article and some images or

diagrams should also be included.

There is no strict recommended format for the article but you may want to consider:

1. What is the current state of the art and the problems with it

2. How you might describe laser processing in an understandable and accessible manner

3. Describe the benefits of laser processing

4. Articulate the new manufacturing capabilities (e.g. new products or resource efficiencies)

5. Write the article in a captivating/exciting style

It is recommended that if you are not familiar with The Conversation, you read a few of their current

articles to better understand their style.