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For this assignment, you are to create a Cyber Threat Intelligence Plan (CTIP) Report and Briefing Presentation. There is no standard for creating a CTIP Report and Briefing Presentation, so it is up to you to determine what is relevant for your company or organization.You will prepare a written report accompanied by a short PowerPoint presentation that will brief your supervisor and his executive leadership team to help them better understand, discuss, and assess the cyber threats facing your organization. Your report and presentation should complement each other, and consider relevant threat actors, their capabilities and intentions (if known), and their attack methods. The intent is to help focus the leadership team on the threat you feel they need to pay them most attention to, providing your rationale and methodology as needed, with appropriate recommendations.The report and the presentation can be organized and formatted in any manner you think best conveys the information and best informs the senior leaders about the cyber threats. Your written report should be no more than three (3) pages in length (not including title and reference pages), and your briefing presentation should contain no more than ten (10) slides. While relying on the content of this module will be essential, some amount of additional research may be necessary and desired. This report (and presentation briefing) will further inform your final proposal due at the end of Module 7; portions of the briefing can and should be used as part of your final proposal. Both report and slides should follow APA formatting.