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Imagine you are advising the government of a small developing country. The country is ruled by a leader who has been elected, but is beginning to show authoritarian tendencies: the press is being muzzled, politicians in the opposition are being suppressed. To make matters worse, the crops have failed for two straight years, owing to excess rainfall in the first and a drought immediately after. The country has a robust food distribution system that has buffer stocks available. The premier of the country approaches you asking for advice on how to deal with food shortages and prevent a famine.Your task is to write a policy memo: 2-3 paragraphs (up to a maximum of 400 words) listing your top 4 policy recommendations. You have to also explain WHY you want these recommendations to be implemented. The premier does not have time on his hands to read LONG memos: he wants you to keep it short, but also make key recommendations that he could act upon as quickly as possible.