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MAJOR Assignment

For this assignment, you will complete your operating budget for the 2023-2024 academic year. You have an operating budget of $40 million. Be wise in how you allocate your funds. Attached you will find the template (PowerPoint slide 1) you must use to develop your budget for your individual sports. If you have six sports, you must create six budgets using the template. Be sure to label each budget. Second, you will provide a general administration budget.

This assignment requires you to think long and hard about how you want to allocate your $40 million. Be sensible, be fair, and use good sound judgment.

Mini Assignment 3

Professional Training

I have decided to require all new athletic directors to attend training with me in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Please submit your travel for this budget. By the way, be sure to take three coaches (list the coaches) with you. Add them to your budget.

Previous Assignment to help if needed.

  1. Select the state and city you wish to serve as an athletic director.

I selected Taylorsville, MS to serve as an athletic director.

  1. Determine which level you will serve as an athletic director (high school or college).

It is on the high school level.

  1. Select the type of community you serve (rural, urban, suburban).

Taylorsville is a rural area.

  1. Determine a name for your school. Select school colors and mascot.

My colors are red, navy blue and white.  My mascot would be Golden Eagles.

  1. List the sports offered at your school (minimum of six). For the sake of this course, create an equal amount of men and women sports. Typically your sports offerings are based on Title IX policies. However, for this course, you will select an equal number for each.

Boys-football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, soccer

Girls-volleyball, basketball, softball, track, tennis, soccer