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Marketing Quiz One – Market Segmentation

1. You are a marketer for a minor league baseball team. Develop as many ways as possible to segment the market. Discuss each of the segments in terms of identifiability, accessibility, and responsiveness. 2. Discuss the basic components of state-of-being segmentation. Give some examples of the state-of-being segments most important to the school’s women’s basketball team. 3. Find a advertisement for a sport-related product that is an example of state-of-mind segmentation. 4. List all the reasons why someone might join a health club or attend a minor league hockey game. Develop a marketing strategy that the club or team might use to reach other people who might have the same motivations. 5. You the marketing director from a local radio group to come to class and discuss how they segment their listeners for different stations. What information do they have about people who listen to sports talk radio? What advertisers do they approach, and how do they package ad spots based on their listener demographics?