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MUST BE 5-6 PAGES DOUBLE SPACED (I have attached the book so tutor can read the pages mentioned)1. Keep track of the strategies and ways that you influence others in the coming 1-3 days.  Pay attention to your use of the different influence tactics described by Kipnis and associates (p. 129).  Describe the situations you observed, analyze your choice of influence tactic(s), and reflect on the selected influence tactics’ appropriateness or misuse.  After consciously recognizing and analyzing your choices of influence strategies, what conclusions can you make about the ways that you influence others?2.  The contingency models of Fiedler and Hersey and Blanchard have similarities and differences.  Fielder says that people tend to come in two different types–people or task.  Hersey and Blanchard believe that people can adjust the required levels of people and task behaviors within different situations.  What do you think?  Give examples of situations where you, or others that you have observed, have been able to shift between leadership styles (e.g., tell, sell, participate, delegate) or when a dominant personality type drove leader-follower interactions.