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PART 1:In short paragraphs and in your own words, answer each of the following questions. 1. Provide a detailed description of one of the seven women characters in The Rez Sisters. Your answer should include as much detail as you can gather about the character’s personality, relationships, appearance, experiences, and aspirations or hopes. As always, the purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate your careful reading of the play. Be sure to include specific supporting evidence for your observations. 2. Discuss a specific moment in The Rez Sisters that either: made a strong impression on you; or raised significant questions for you (or both). For this question, the challenge is topush beyond general statements. Work to clearly and fully explain your response(s) to theselected moment, grounding your observations and/or questions explicitly in the text. PART 2:Record your own potential discussion question for The Rez Sisters.

Please mention the page numbers you’ll use for the answers as well.