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Prezi: Friend Analysis

Use the descriptions on the prezi slides and identify people in your network who fit each category.  Provide a detailed examples  of how your friends profoundly impacted your life in the past and share your feelings with them.

  • Friend analysis:

    • Students will utilize components of quality friendships as a guide for assessing existing friendships
    • Students will also reflect on how their friendships have added depth and quality to their life
    • If your friends were to do this assignment, where would you most likely (category), be placed and why?
    • It is said we are the sum total of those with whom we spend the most time.  For you, is this a positive outcome, or one that may need some modifications?

Students will also examine how existing friendships contribute to their happiness and healthy lifestyle (or not), and how they can address friendships that run counter to happiness and positive health habits.  If friends are counter to your goals, lifestyle priorities and/or values you may need to consider spending less time with them or even ending the relationship.  Be honest and objective rather than emotional.  Also consider a kind of friend that may be lacking in your group.  Perhaps most of your friends have no clear purpose.  You might want to consider sourcing new friends who volunteer or have interests that extend beyond self.  I would want those people on my “team” or in my friend circle.  True Friendships