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Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: The US Army and the Cyber Domain. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is noteworthy that cyberspace has actually enhanced the operational efficiency of the US Army and has actually increased the convenience of exchange of information. Overall, development has been inducted into the operation of the military forces. However, the introduction of technology has also increased dependency of the department on ‘cyberspace’, which has at times proved to be crucial for the army. Numerous flaws and loopholes persisting in the system are further examined that might become fatal in due course to support army operations, making it more important for the department to have continuous monitoring of the issue2. Correspondingly, this research paper briefly defines the term ‘cyber’, as used by the military at present, stating the roles that the military should be taking in order to enhance their responsibilities into the domain, and subsequently, structuring a rough layout about the future mode of operation.

Cyber, popularly called Cyberspace, is an electromagnetic domain, which serves as a spectrum to store, modify and exchange data through the virtually networked association3. At present, the use of cyberspace has increased at a vast magnitude with chances of massive disruptions with the unauthorized intervention, further raising the risks that the capabilities projected can be seized4. As the size of cyberspace is increasing, the complexity of the network is also accelerating in the manifold. The gap in understanding the terminology of cyberspace has in turn increased its vulnerabilities to be adequately sound in its effectiveness. The modeling and simulation have also become the most important facet, which needs to be explored and refined with increasing dependency on the networking domain. As the domain is connected with thousands of networks, the healthy functioning of the domain has become a myth5. To be noted in this regard, the Department of Defence, which is one of the important departments of the government, has become highly&nbsp.dependent on Cyber in the current context.