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PSY 201

See attached assignment and rubric

PSY 201 See attached assignment and rubric
Due Date: 11:59 p . m . ES T, Sunday of Unit 2 Points: 100 Overview: Throughout your coursework and professional career, it is extremely important that you write in your own words. You will often be tasked with reading psychological materials and then to incor porate the content into a paper or other type of written or oral presentation. At times, the material you are reading might be quite technical, and it may be challenging for you to present these ideas in your own words. This is your opportunity to practice this important skill. Review the following webs ites to learn about summarizing: • Purdue Owl: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing • Example of a Summary Instructions: For this assignment, you will : • R ead the passage (below) from your textbook . • T hink about the main ideas contained in the passage . • M ake a list of four (4) main ideas contained in the passage . • I n your own words, summarize the main ideas in paragraph form with a minimum of four ( 4 ) complete sentences . • Do not quote directly from the passage. Textbook Passage: Infants show an interest in human faces soon after birth . Infants spend more time looking at their mother’s face than a stranger’s face as early as 12 hours after being born. By 4 months of age, infants match voices to faces, distinguish between male and female faces, and discriminate between faces of their own racial and ethnic group compared with those of other groups. PSY 2 0 1 – Child Development Summarization Assignment As infants develop, they change the way they gather informatio n from the visual world, including huma n faces. A study that illustrates this progressio n recorded eye movements of 3-, 6-, and 9-month-old infants as they viewed clips from an animated film—A Charlie Brown Christmas. From 3 to 9 months of age, infants gradually began focusing their attention more on the faces of the characters in the animated film and less on salient background stimuli. Summarize this paragraph in your own words and include the following reference citation for your textbook below your summary: Santrock, J. W., Deater-Deckard, K. D., & Lansford, J. E. (2020). Child development (1 5 th ed.) . McGraw – Hill Education . Requirements: • Incorporate all main ideas into your own words. • Use appropriate APA placement and style for in – text citations and the reference. • Complete your work in a Microsoft Word document. Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write. Evaluation Rubric for Summarization Assignment CRITERIA Deficient Development Needed Proficient Exemplary 0-32 points 33 -43 points 44 -49 points 50 -55 points Summary Content Did not summarize . Only one main idea was included. Quoted excessively or used word substitutions excessively. Included an excessive amount of extra information not found in original source. Demonstrated adequate understanding of passage material. Some main ideas were incorporated . Some quoting and/or used word substitution was present . Included some extra inform ation not found in original source. Demonstrated mastery of passage material. Incorporated most main ideas . A few word substitutions or extra information were included. Demonstrated excellent mastery of passage essence. Incorporated all main ideas in ow n words . Quotes, word substitutions, and extra information were not included. 0 points 4-5 points Scholarly Source Reference c itation was absent. — — Reference citation was included and correct. 0-11 points 12 -15 points 16 -17 points 18 -20 points Structure and Flow Flow is poor. Paragraphing is inappropriate. Transitions are minimal or absent. Significant redundancy is evident. Flow is adequate. Paragraphs may be too long or too short. Transitions are minimal , and redundancy is evident. Flow is good. Paragraphing is mostly appropriate. Transitions are present , and redundancies are minimal. Flow is excellent. Paragraphing is clear , and transitions are smooth and consistent. Inappropriate redundancies are absen t. 0-11 points 12 -15 points 16 -17 points 18 -20 points Grammar and Spelling Errors impede professional presentation; guidelines not followed. Numerous errors somewhat interfere with professional presentation. Few errors that do not impede professional presentation. Writing and format are clear, professional, and error -free.