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Reaction Paper N.1 includes units 1, 2, and 3. The paper should include three different topics: one topic per unit. The topics could also be suggested by your Professor. The topics you choose must relate directly to the course material. After you have chosen your topics for units 1, 2, and 3, develop your reflection by asking yourself the following questions for each unit/topic: Why is the topic relevant to you? What was new to you about the topic? Do you disagree with the author’s statement(s)? Why? Do you agree with the author’s statement(s) Why? Describe an experience that you or a friend of yours has had that directly relates to the topic. How does it relate? Your reflection on each unit/topic should be supported with at least one academic reference. As Reaction Paper N.1 covers three units, a minimum of three (3) academic references should be included in the paper. MOST IMPORTANTLY, show me that you have THOUGHT about the topics. Don’t summarize; I have read the book and DQs and viewed the videos and animations..

  • topics
  • review the key strategies for student success.
  • explain how stress contributes to major illnesses,
  • identify the major features of meditation and hypnosis.