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Review the Organization XYZ RFP

Discussion: RFP and the Contract topic, post a detailed description of how you would improve it.

Review the Organization XYZ RFP Discussion: RFP and the Contract topic, post a detailed description of how you would improve it.
REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL The Train-The-Trainer Certificate program for XYZ Organization will be offered again in March of 2001. Last year’s received wonderful reviews. As an effort towards continuous improvement, we would like to invite you to submit a proposal to be a presenter for our Train-The-Trainer Program. The topics are as follows: 9 Needs Assessment – needs analysis, assessment technology & tools, developing an action plan 9 Adult Learning – adult learning theory, learning styles, learner needs and trainer styles 9 Instructional Design – course design, writing objectives & competence/performance-based training 9 Coaching – communication skills, feedback, learning transfer 9 Platform Skills – platform presentation, connecting with your audience, using the flip chart and overhead projector & LCD 9 Facilitation Skills – guiding vs. instructing a group, the difference between training and facilitating, when to use facilitation, how to facilitate 9 Conflict In The Classroom – understanding the cause of conflict, the art & practice of listening, conflict as a learning tool, avoiding burnout 9 Technical Tools In The Classroom – the ins & outs of a multi-media presentation, when to use it & when not to use it, how to “do” the machinery, general use of technology in the classroom 9 Creative Training Techniques – how to add fun and innovation into the training sessions, new methods for brainstorming, icebreakers, role plays, game and much more, plus-how to debrief so the “point” of the exercise is understood Program Specifics: ‰ There will be 9 sessions offered – four of which are core requirements and the remaining are electives of which each participant will choose two to receive a Certificate of Completion ‰ The sessions will be held on Wednesdays starting March 28, 2001 and ending May 23, 2000 ‰ Each session runs from 9 AM to 4 PM with lunch included and will be held at the Highlander Inn in Manchester, NH ‰ Each presenter will receive a $XXX honorarium fee which includes all travel, research and copying expenses ‰ All handouts need to be copied on three hole punch paper so they may be added to the participants handbook Your proposal should include the following information: 1) Content Knowledge & Practical Experience – please supply credentials specific to the selected topic and examples of previous experiences. 2) Platform & Training Skills – please include three testimonials of previous presentations, some examples of how you work with adult learners and a brief resume’ 3) Workshop Design – please attach your proposed handout including a list of support material, visual aids and class exercises The committee will be reviewing all of the proposals in December. Therefore, if you would like to be considered, please submit all the information no later than December 5 th to: Contact Person XYZ Organization Street address Town, state, zip code For clarification, please call contact person at (603) 123-4567. Thank you in advance for your submissions. The Board of Directors hopes this years Train-The-Trainer program will be the best yet, and with your help, I know we can achieve this goal!! Sincerely, President for Organization Contact Person President, XYZ Organization VP Programs, XYZ Organization