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will you be able to help me with this question? i tried doing the row first by myself but don’t know if correct

SavHelpSave & ExitSubr8Check my workShangri-La produces only two goods: bats and balls. Each worker comes with a fixed quantity of material and capital, and the10economy’s labour force is fixed at 50 workers. The following table indicates the amounts of bats and balls that can be produced dailywith various quantities of labour.pointsNumber ofDaily Production02:51:38Workersof BallsNumber of0WorkersDaily Productio0of Bats1010209217eBook3012030304013838References4050147435045a. Complete the production possibilities in the table below.BCDEFBalls0138Bats0Bats 20b. The opportunity cost of increasing the output of bats from 38 to 43 units per day is(Click to select)c. Suppose that the planning office dictates an output of 92 balls and 53 bats per day. This output combination(Click to select)possible.Mc8 of 10Graw< PrevNext >HillEducationXHHHPW14