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Select an article that discusses how Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math has been introduced, incorporated, or taught in the early childhood classroom. Write a summary about the article you have chosen. Make sure you identify the main points and key or important “arguments” presented in the article. Do not simply repeat what the author has already stated. Your summary should be in your own words but should also include in-text citations or references to the author to document and support his/her ideas.  If you need more guidance for writing a summary, please take time to look at the resources in module that have been provided to help you.

After you complete your summary, write a personal response to the article. Answer the following questions in a essay format: a) Can you connect the topic or ideas to any of your own personal, lived experiences?; b) Does it build on knowledge you already had or is it new information for you?; c)What does it make you think more deeply about?; d) What does it make you question or wonder?; e) How could you use what you have read in your future practices or your current daily work with young children in the classroom.

In all, your completed assignment should be no more than 2 pages. Don’t forget that you should document the source of your article by citing within the text and as a reference following the APA guidelinesLinks to an external site.. Before submitting, check the organization of your paragraphs, your spelling, grammar, and capitalization. Make sure you also compare your completed assignment to the grading rubric provided to make sure you will earn the maximum number of points possible.