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Student 1 asnwer:

Patient was experiencing Hematochezia for several months which showed Diverticulitis. The cause of her symptoms was due to the polyps in the colon that had reached about 20cm long because of an Adenocarcinoma . This was diagnosed through a colonoscopy where the entire colon is examined using a endoscope from the anus region up to the colon, and then they take a sample of the colon to be sent for a biopsy to see if any cancerous tissues are found. The procedure to remove these polyps was a sigmoid colectomy after it is controlled with antibiotics and bowel prep. This can be done by either opening up the stomach from the naval region or done laparoscopically.  (Source was from: mkuh.nhs.uk)

Student 2 answer:

The patient was showing chronic symptoms, such as hematochezia, for about 8 months. The cause of this symptom is a vast sessile polyp. Infiltrating adenocarcinoma in the colon tells us that the patient has colon cancer. The procedure that diagnosed the patient’s condition is known as a colonoscopy, this is a test used to find changes or irregularity in both the colon and rectum. The patient is now scheduled for a sigmoid colectomy, also known as a sigmoidectomy, at the hospital. This procedure is an operation where the infected part of the patient’s colon will be removed, and then joined with the rectum.

2. Respond to at least two other classmates using the following guidelines:

  • Explain whether you agree or disagree with your classmates answer and why.
  • Include a minimum of 2 complete sentences with no more than a maximum of 3 sentences.
  • Be clear, concise, and well organized using as many pertinent medical terms as possible.
  • Be free of grammatical, mechanical and format errors.
  • Be in your own words (do not copy text directly from a website, text, or other reference materials) and contain citations from all sources used.

Note: No credit will be given for “Thank you”, “I agree”, “Good job” etc.