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The Journal on Monique.The mode of writing your journal is your choice although I want to see formal paragraphs, but you can add lists, fragments, drawings, etc. You also can introduce comparisons to your life, and collages.Yet, whatever you do has to be accurate as far as the content of the novella is concerned.You have to deal with the entire novella. I want to read about the relationship of Monique with her island, her father, her mother, her body, her animals, her books, the Latin language, the paternal grandparents, the princess, the nuns’ school,  any story within the story, Alexis and Daniel.Please give a quote from Monique for each topic mentioned above. Do not forget the correct way to quote. (This is to prepare you for your final exam).Please show me in your journal that you read and understood the poetic novella.Thank you for your intelligence, sensibility, diligence, and work.