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This assignment is set up so that you can take a closer look at news writing before we move into the next stage of writing our own. Please take this opportunity to look more closely at the writing than the topic matter.


First: Find and analyze one piece of current (published in the last 7 days) print news on any topic of your choice.

You will find a story in the news, and then find two more reports on that same topic.

You need to show a copy (link, screenshot, etc.) of the original story and the other two stories as well. Each of the three stories you read must be on the same topic and must come from a legacy news organization. This means a news organization that started in traditional print or broadcast news rather than one that exists online only. For example, The Washington Post, Charlotte Observer, CNN.com, or Rolling Stone.com rather than UpWorthy, BuzzFeed, or The Huffington Post.

Write a 300-400-word response analyzing how the story was told in each iteration, analyzing similarities and differences and highlighting what you noticed with examples from the texts. You will also cite 8 different examples of AP Style. List each one out as a bulleted or a numerical example.


1. “NYTimes Article “The Hurricane of the Century” line 4: AP Style for Titles (Dr.John Smith)

Include: Where each article came from; the tone and writing styles of the articles; whether the articles read as opinion or fact-based and how you know; and include one personal take-away from reading the same story published in three different publications. At the end of your response, make a list of those 8 instances of AP Style you identified in the articles.

What am I looking for and what will you be graded on?1. Is all the required information included?2. Did you cite your sources?3. Is your response well-thought out and reflective?4. Grammar, punctuation, and style, and quality of the writing.

Role: You are taking on the role of an analyst.

Audience: The audience is singular – this is just for me to review to see that you are beginning to pick up on how the news is written.

Format: This should be written per the class’ written paper requirements (laid out on the homepage and syllabus), and using AP Style.