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This week you have learned about individual and cultural differences.  For this week’s assignment address the following in a three to five-page paper.

  1. Why is it important for managers to understand individual differences at work?
  2. Which employee abilities seem to be most important in determining job performance? Explain.
  3. Define personality. Which personality traits are most relevant to understanding organizational behavior? Why?
  4. Explain how the concept of locus of control works. Provide an example.
  5. Describe the basic incongruity thesis. Do you agree with this thesis? Under what circumstances might the thesis be most likely to be true? Least likely to be true? Explain.
  6. Why is it important for managers to understand ethical standards in the workplace? How do ethics affect our behavior at work?
  7. Define culture. How do culture and cultural variations affect work behavior and job performance? Provide examples to show why knowledge of such differences is important for managers.
  8. Analyze how managers can impact organizational culture to promote organizations’ goals and vision.

In your three-five page paper (not including title page or reference listing) you are required to have a minimum of three relevant sources from the UMGC Online Library for support (other than the textbook). Keep in mind that whenever you use an idea from an outside source you must include a properly formatted APA Version 7 citation. You also need to have a properly formatted reference listing on the last page of the paper (reference listings go on their own page.)

Please use some references from the two files attached. Thank you!