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URGENT! FOR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Create a website of The Formation of Christian Europe, 600-1000 CE

Each website must include:

  • An introduction to the topic
  • A substantial background text, written by the student, of a couple of thousand words; should be broken into relevant sub-sections
  • A detailed timeline/chronology
  • Graphics, images or other media resources (each image needs a url citation)
  • Four to five recommended books (with annotation of why each book is important)
  • Annotated list of web resources (a minimum of 10 to 15 sources needed)
  • an “about the author” page

Some other considerations:

  • You need to properly credit the source of each photo that you use, including a URL if relevant.
  • Any links that you list in your web resources must include a short annotation.
  • You can use the resources on the NVCC Library page to help you with finding recommended books and websites and other sources for use on your web page.
  • Please make sure that I see a draft of your work before final submission.
  • Final point value is determined by the quality and quantity of your work. (As much as 200 points might be possible depending on which course you are in, but very few websites come close to that point value because of a lack of content.)

Whenever you publish something on the web, it must look good. Here are some quick web style considerations:

  1. KISS (keep it simple stupid). There is no single, better piece of advice for almost any kind of online project. You might argue that a better acronym is KISP (keep it as simple as possible), but that is harder to remember. Don’t make it overly complicated.
  2. When it come to the appearance of material on the web, space is better than cramped clutter. The Google search page is a good example of “space.” Almost every home page on the web, Yahoo, USA Today, AOL, ESPN, is a good example of the problems that you get when you try to cram too much information and advertising onto a single page.
  3. Color and color contrasts are important on web pages.
  4. Proper citation!

Example of another Student: https://hcp2828.wixsite.com/thewholive

Website creating: http://www.wix.com/ (This is the link where you will create the website)

The email in which you will be creating the website

[email protected]

I will provide you the password when I accept the proposal.