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Using a state of your choice, create a PowerPoint presentation and a video of you presenting your PowerPoint presentation, explaining the state election and campaign process, party politics, and the government structure of your chosen state. Using the CSU Online Library as a resource, you will also need to include information on gerrymandering and its impact (or lack thereof) in your state. You will need to include slides covering the topics listed below.

  • Include a title slide, which should include the title of your presentation, your name, the university name, and the link to video presentation (see more information below).
  • Provide an overview, or list objectives for the presentation.
  • Explain political party structure.
  • Identify the types of primaries utilized in your chosen state.
  • Identify state party organizations.
  • Discuss campaign methods of a state candidate/incumbent.
  • Provide apportioning and districting information.
  • Identify the governmental structure of your state.
  • Discuss the party issues in your state.

In your presentation, incorporate images and/or graphics to help support the analysis and writing on each slide.