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Written Assignment: Email [10 marks]Instructions: Read the following email, below, from a frustrated manager to her staff. Consider the email’s effectiveness, tone, and potential barriers to communication.


  • Rewrite the email in MS Word.
  • Describe the issue in your own words.
  • Improve the tone, conciseness, and organization.
  • Change negative language to positive language.
  • Change the focus from sender to receiver, using the “you” view, and show benefits to the readers.
  • Include headings (date, to, from, subject) and other memo formatting.
  • Include one or more bulleted lists to improve readability.
  • Post your document to Schoology.


Date: January 30, 2020

To: All Employees

From: Your email address

Subject: Disaster zone!

OMG! I said U were supposed to clean the work area last week, but that didn’t happen. A few office girls cleaned their desks, but no one cleaned the common areas, you all saw what a mess they were in!

So we’re gonna try it all over again. Our company can’t afford to hire cleaners. So I am writing to inform you that I wanna see empty wastebaskets on Friday. And the lunchroom. It’s a disaster area. You gotta throw any food left in the fridge on Friday afternoon in the trash, I don’t wanna smell that stink on Monday. And you’d better not leave any spills on the counter.

If you can’t do a better job this Friday. I will have to assign you to a specific cleaning schedule, which I don’t want to do, but you may force me don’t make me do this or I’ll be angry!