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Your boss, the Director of Community Relations at a busy Ambulatory Healthcare Center, has asked you to fill in for him while he is on vacation and to host a meeting of community leaders. The goal of the meeting is to consider ways to disseminate important community health bulletins. Many cultures are represented at the meeting and there is a discussion about how to meet the language needs of more than 20 different languages spoken in your organization’s service area. The meeting becomes tense when you must announce that your organization is only prepared to disseminate material in English and Spanish.


  • Prepare a one- to two-page memo for your boss in a Microsoft Word document briefly summarizing the events of the meeting and how it was concluded. More importantly, recommend to your boss at least one course of action for your organization moving forward. Be sure to fully support your recommendations.
  • Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your submission should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
  • Your submission should provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.
  • Your writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful.
  • A separate page at the end of your submission should contain a list of references, in APA format. Use the assigned reading, the Library, and the internet for research.
  • Be sure to cite both in-text and reference list citations where appropriate and reference all sources. Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style.

—Do not focus on a healthcare topic (mammograms, flu vaccine,etc.) Focus on how to reach the various groups represented at the meeting.—Must be in business memo format.—Must show creativity and research.—No anecdotal information (off the top of your head). Creativity and research.